Literates is a community that provides essential educational skills, so that anyone can develop and improve in life.


people in US

are below average literacy rates, unable to understand a basic newspaper.

14% of adults

cannot perform a simple literacy activity. Foreigner residents in US cannot either read in English or in their native language.

Easy to use

It is a mobile application that allows you to improve the literacy skills of any adult.


Specially designed for people with problems of literacy to develop their full potential.


The methodology, adapted to the digital world, combines different pedagogies, validated by neurolinguistas, speech therapists and psychologists.


This system allows you to evaluate, improve and promote reading among users with the support of the community.





Your full potential


We are a company committed to solve social problems.

We are committed to innovation, corporate social responsibility, and organizational sustainability.

We also encourage the inclusion and equal opportunities, meeting high social and environmental standards.

We strengthen the relationship between innovation and education with a specific proposal for collaborative learning in mobility.

We employ learning methodologies and proven technologies, together with a multidisciplinary team with practical academic experience.

Fast and effective mobile learning, lowering the barrier of shame.

Pilot test in Nicaragua and Spain. 

You can also help extending literacy and people reading skills, through our new collaborative learning approach.


Join our community!

The social community of book lovers.

Take part of a network of influential readers, who believe in equal opportunities through education.


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