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Best programming languages

He world of it programming educational begins with languages based in graphics, as Scratch or any of its alternatives, and despite its broad tour ends leaving is short for many. Or more than short, small; more "real", text-based languages are an option to continue working in the world of programming.

There are hundreds of programming languages, each with a number of features. If you are looking for is an environment for the education sector, there is this: born to be professional languages, but ease also have space in schools all over the world. And today we suggest 3 of these text-based languages, perfect for those who block programming is left them something short.


JavaScript has been traditionally linked with the world of web design, being a language born in 1995 and with great use at the professional level, on websites of all kinds. Here the focus should not be on getting the performance to create websites, but provide a written language of simple introduce educational programming and results that are understood quickly.
Multitude of tutorials about JavaScript, most of them linked with HTML and CSS – the JavaScript Minks, traditionally there are languages that create the WWW – like Dash. Code School course can be an interesting starting point, and if something more fun like CodeCombat also allows you to use JavaScript to go forward in their levels.


The case of Processing is more recent, 2001, although it took a few more years to reach success. The key to Processing, rather than language as such, is in the possibilities afforded by Arduino, one of these platforms closer to electronics and robotics and, therefore, it can be very attractive for the sector of educational programming; It is also a language based on the mythical BASIC and Logo.
Processing there are a lot of tutorials officers, a step by step guide (also official) to take the first steps, and even also an excellent tutorial interactive with explanatory videos. SparkFun, Kings of the electronics world, tell us how to connect Processing and Arduino to create your first projects in the DIY platform.

And how it would not be in this list Python, for many the next step after Scratch. A professional language – the fifth according to Tiobe – but it is worthwhile to make use of it in education for its ease and potential. It is also one of the language with the largest number of resources explaining, including introduction and getting started to advanced guides.
Millions of users all over the world have created their own libraries, as PyGame to create video games relatively easily. If you are looking for tutorials language then supports it CodeCombat and CheckIO also how tutorial based on a game. If you like tutorials there are more guided by all sides, for example CodeCademy or LearnPython may be interesting.

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