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How to be socially responsible

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) also called corporate social responsibility (CSR), is understood as the active and voluntary contribution to the social, economic and environmental improvement by the companies, usually with the aim of improving its competitive and evaluative situation and its added value.

The search for solutions to growing inequality, have led many companies to show their moral or humanitarian, perhaps kindly side and have even created a concept: "Social responsibility", an expression to an extent new business slang.

Although the Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) is inherent in the company, it has recently become a new form of management and business, in which the company deals with its operations are sustainable in economic, social and environmental issues, recognizing the interests of groups that relate to and looking for the preservation of the environment and the sustainability of future generations.

It is a business vision that integrates respect for persons, ethical values, the community and the environment with the same management company, regardless of the products or services provided by, the sector to which it belongs, its size or nationality.

Here are a few concepts with which any company can work and focus on being socially responsible:

  1. Search the sustainability of the company, contributing to the development and welfare of the communities in which it operates.
    Consider the needs of the social environment of business decision-making and the definition of the strategies of the company, as well as to cooperate in its solution.
    Make public their commitment to society and measure achievements.
    Live according to schemes of leadership participatory, supportive, of service and respectful of human dignity, acting based on a code of ethics.
    Promote the human and professional development of the working community of the company and their families.
    Support some social cause related to the activity that develops the company as part of its business strategy.
    Respect, preserve and regenerate the ecological environment in all and each one of the processes of operation and marketing activities.
    Invest all the time, talent and business resources that are available in favor of groups and communities in which it operates and the social causes which has decided to support.
    Participate in cross-sector partnerships which, in conjunction with organizations of civil society and the Government, allow corresponsablemente contribute to the common good and the social needs of greater importance.
    Motivate and support staff, shareholders and suppliers to participate in business investment and social development programs.

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