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Mobile, your best ally

According to a study by the consulting firm Flurry, there are currently 176 million addicts to the ‘smartphone’, which means an increase of 123% over last year. “Mobile addict have defined it as a consumer that open applications more than 60 times a day,” detailed in the report. “We know that, on average, a consumer consultation applications 10 times a day, so it has been defined as addicted to someone who makes it an average of six times more.”

However, among professionals dealing with this type of behaviour still not have been agreed on if you can get to define a recurring user mobile as addicted or not. “It is true that we find problematic behaviors around new technologies, in fact there are authors who already speak of addiction, but that designation is in debate. At the moment, in the Handbook of psychiatry has not entered because it has not reached a consensus about it, talking about ‘problematic conduct’ “, says Ursula Oberst, Professor of psychology at the University Ramon Llull.

Aside from this debate, the truth is that they have already arisen denominations for different problematic behaviors. There are examples such as the ‘phubbing’, which serves to define the Act of relegating who accompanies us into the background to focus on our phone; or the ‘nomophobia’, which is the abbreviation of the English expression ‘non-mobile-phone phobia’, i.e., the panic to not carry your beloved mobile.

If you feel identified with these problems and want to take a step to solve them, it may be precisely in the ‘smartphone’ where to find remedy. Yes, you read correctly, your mobile can help you to unhook from… your mobile. With this mission, at least, have been developed over the past few months applications as FaceUp, BreakFree or I off you.

To achieve this, the ‘app’ has a test that measures the level of dependence and if necessary, suggests to participate in a program to overcome it through challenges. You can also follow the evolution as a user and analyze the use that you give to the mobile, so you can check what is the level of conciliation with respect to your family, work and friends, among many others of its multiple features.

Given that the first thing is to be aware of our problem, the application ‘ Nomophobia for phone addiction’ provides information about the last time that we use our phone, what are the maximum periods of inactivity and what is the average length of our sessions. The application produces also graphs of our behavior so that, at a glance, we can be aware of our evolution. Developers proposed, moreover, that these data will serve to compete with persons of our environment and move up on the basis of our achievements.

But if you what’s wrong is that your partner does not demand your attention, and has repeated you by active and passive that you let go once the lucky mobile, there is an ‘app’ that can help you and even get that yours is excited about, it’s ‘I off you’. This was developed by Movistar on the occasion of the day of Valentine’s day as a gift for couples. Handling is simple and is free and is available for both Android and iOS. To operate just two people to install it, and one of the two offer their time to each other. The receiver will receive a message with the following text: “I have the best gift for you: time of me without paying attention to mobile”.

Thus, for as long as you have you gift you’ll be in your hands, and the other person can use your mobile phone to turn yours off. It is rather symbolic, because it will continue to operate, although if we try to do something with it the application will invite us to release it with a “don’t look at me” or a “leave me on the table”, as well as use with audible alarms alert.

In the event that you feel when you are alone, that you are spending too much time at the ‘smartphone’ to the detriment of other activities that you have stopped practicing, nothing better than BreakFree (Yes, the name is a tribute to the famous Queen song). This, in English, available in Android and on the verge of reaching iOS, alerts you when you’re wearing too much engaged time and provides you with detailed information about the use you make of your mobile.

In addition, it tells you what is your degree of addiction and offers you challenges that you use less your phone. Thus, from a score, you have to overcome evidence to unhook. The ‘app’ allows you to configure the phone so you don’t have internet access when you get home – and thus more time for your family-, disable notifications, enter the auto-reply, etc.

So, from now on, you no longer have an excuse. If every time you find it harder to detach yourself from your mobile, now you can turn it into an ally so that you bring back to the real world. Welcome! You missed less.

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