Unprecedented advances in computing and learning begin to allow increased learning ability. The impact of this innovation is further accentuated when these technologies come together in an open platform and a collaborative ecosystem, providing people and learning technologies quickly build and be founded on earlier waves of social innovation.

we will achieve a revolution in social education that will embed a process of more contextual teaching methodologies with motivating habit-forming, allow interaction anytime, anywhere and shortening learning time.

Rapid urbanization and the expansion of city boundaries are drifting towards the emergence of large urban agglomerations become headquarters of talent, investment, wealth creation and economic growth. However not the case in rural areas, and need improvement of living standards through technology.

According to CIA World Factbook, about 16% of the world population does not have the sufficient level of literacy to read or write a short message related to their daily lives. Although many young people anytime received a basic education, many of them do not attend school with the necessary intensity, and therefore, some of them reach adulthood and cannot read or write.

Literates is a project that strengthens personal relationships among users, and between innovation and education. The specific proposal validates new learning methodologies through a collaborative mobile solution.


There is a need for literacy and improve the reading and communication skills of young people and adults especially in rural areas that today is not covered.

We develop an App supported by a community literacy and improving the pre-reading skills through different levels and a dedicated methodology where the user can be a student or tutor.

We have the support of a multidisciplinary team of academic specialists and professionals who have developed specific methods of teaching reading and writing.

They are pedagogues, sociologists, analysts of big data, literacy, business angel and in the non-profit sector.

We will use a subset of cognitive technologies, networks to personal and collaborative learning to get a teaching personal to each individual, reducing the barrier of shame and mobilization for learning.

Speech recognition, machine learning, artificial intelligence, analytical advanced, mass treatment of data, methodologies of game, and connected smart devices that integrate messaging and social networking.

We will conduct a pilot test in areas where penetration is higher than 75% of mobile broadband. 

We intend to generate a positive social impact on the life of these adults, awakening the desire to learn more and more, and can be more efficient and aware in their daily lives, as well as access to quality jobs and improve their socio-economic

The LITERATES solution

Our challenge is to offer our digital platform to the community around the world! 

Literates, such as initiative, has no end date, whereas there are 774 million illiterate in the world and is a replicable model.